Wednesday, November 16

saturday stroll

Nothing beats a beautiful fall day in NYC.  
This weekend we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to walk around Soho. First stop, we couldn't resist the stacks of delicious cookies at Vesuvio Bakery.  Next up, the conveniently parked Van Leeuwen's ice cream truck for a spicy cup of Mexican hot chocolate. And we finished up the day with good company and great selection of cocktails @ The Dutch.

We highly recommend ALL of the above! 


  1. Aren't the cookies from Vesuvio the best? I wouldn't hate one right now :)

  2. they are SO good. what's your favorite flavor? we also tried the mac & cheese and it was incredible.

  3. first... thank you for visiting my blog and commenting

    2. love the pics!! NYC is my fav city by far! I have a post on my blog you might enjoy. just sone nyc snippets


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