Wednesday, December 28

milk + cookies

chocolate chip cookies
german butter cookies
Even though the myth of Santa is long gone in our household, making milk and cookies is still a fun family tradition during Christmas.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Tuesday, December 20


This weekend we channeled our inner francais as we paid a visit to Williamsburg for the Yelle concert and enjoyed a delicious brunch at Le French Diner (Zucco) on Orchard St.  Tucked away in a cozy space in the LES, Zucco is a stylish nod to classic French favorites like croque madame and ratatouille. We recommend "Le Quartet Du DiManche" if you are going on a Sunday!

Thursday, December 15

for her

Make the ladies in your life happy with these fab, affordable gifts:
1. Rebecca Minkoff Change Purse
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad Case
3. Diptyque Candle
4. Kate Spade Bracelet
5. Lululemon Gym Bag
6. Banana Repulic Gloves

Tuesday, December 13

mod chandeliers

via pinterest

Crystal chandeliers instantly add luxe to any room, but we may just like these fun alternatives a bit more.

Wednesday, December 7

winter white

We've never bought into the whole no white after Labor Day mantra. The cold season is a perfect excuse to pair a luxe winter white dress with patterned tights and a great pair of heels or bundle up in a creamy white coat. Here are some of our suggestions to keep you rocking this classic shade year round:

Tuesday, December 6

wrap it up

We've been counting down the days...Wolfnights has finally opened @ 99 Rivington and we were lucky enough to be their first customers last night! All we can say is, DELICIOUS.  Definitely not your classic wrap, but surely a gazillion times better. 

We went for the Brother's Grimm: chicken wrapped in a chestnut & chilly dough with pickled shitake mushrooms, raisins, plantain chips, and a chipotle aioli sauce. And on the side, the homemade beet salad. The best part, our bill was $10. Our prediction--the newest addition to the LES is going to be a huge hit.

Friday, December 2

family recipes

pumpkin stuffed ravioli
stuffed artichokes
sweet potatoes
crab stuffed mushrooms

My mom is a fabulous cook and unlike myself, rarely ever looks at a recipe.  These are some of our family classics just in time for the holidays...nothing beats a homemade meal by mom!

What are some of the dishes that remind you of home?